Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chill Out at Haven

The drive up to Look Out Point was worth it – the view was1absolutely breathtaking. I could see the entire KL from here, and the magnificent Twin Towers and KL Tower shining admist a sea of twinkling lights. It’s great to be away from the hustle and bustle of KL, and only 20 mins drive away from the heart of town. The cool weather ( like Genting Highlands) with the fresh air, and with the beautiful garden full of flowers and majestic woods makes it surreal.

I love going up to Haven – with the friendly warm service, great music and delicious array of food & drinks, and for those who like Shisha makes it definitely my favorite destination.

The parking can be a quite packed, so come early if you want good parking, and if not, there is always valet parking where they will charge you an extra RM 3 for the valet service.

My favorite dish is the roast pepper chicken- its very succulent and juicy, and the sauces ( BBQ, Black Pepper, Oriental and Mushroom) just blows me away. You must try the Mee Mamak Special – its out of the world. And if you feel like good old fried rice – which is always comforting, my favorite is Tom Yam Fried rice – you’ll never tire of it. It’s pasta is yummy too – the Alfredo is tasty, and there’s a whole lot of range of other western dishes such as the Lamb Chops, and good ol Chicken chops. Must try the Peri-peri chicken, its zesty sauces is really good! And the sirloin steak is juicy and melts in your mouth.

And then, rest and relax with friends with freshly brewed cappuccino, and Shisha – its out of the world! The Shisha is really something else, there’s a whole range of flavors and the price is pretty decent too.

Sometimes I’m enjoying myself so much there, I forget how time flies. Haven is different at different times. In the day, it’s bright and fresh and green – and you feel energized and fresh breathing in the fresh air, and looking at the garden of flowers and shady trees. Sunset is SO special. You must come @ 6 ish to catch the golden rays, and see the magnificent view and colors change from orange, to magenta and finally, when dusk sets in – Haven lights come up.. They have little candles twinkling at each table, next to fresh flowers. The night is when the whole place comes alive – when the magnificence of the KL panorama sets in. You can see miles away – even the Genting hills, and the colors are so vivid against the dark of the night. You must bring a camera to capture the beauty of the scenery.

So check it out – its my favorite destination, and I am sure it will be yours too.

Thanksgiving at Haven

Book your tables for a Thanksgiving Special set menu with us. Get lip smacking juicy roasted chicken with a choice of our delicious homemade sauces ( Black pepper, BBQ, Oriental and Mushroom) that will make you crave for more! Bookings made before Nov xx will have a free desert and coffee/tea.

Banana Leaf Special

A hot meal at a cool place! For 1 day only on (date) – Haven is having a special banana leaf special for all Indian food lovers. Get the best homemade specials such chicken prathel, chicken/ mutton varuvel, fried chicken, papadom, Indian style cooked vegetables and of course teh tarik that will blow you away! A must try!

Haven’s Photo Gallery

if you are a photography buff, come try out your clicks here in Haven. Post your best photos here, and we let our viewers vote for the best picture of the month. The winner wins a free dinner for 2 on us in Haven! Your photo will also be in the line up for the annual photo competiton, where we have even bigger prizes for you. Check out some of our prizes in store, and this gets even better each month!

Sunday Morning Yoga

Destress and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in our Sunday Morning Yoga classes. With the crisp cool morning air, the quiet and fresh nature and flowers surrounding you, with birds chirping above you – it’s the place to be for yoga. We are pulling a group together of yoga lovers – and if you are interested, click here and we will contact you on more details of the class and sessions.

Birthday Treats

Its your birthday and what better way to spend it then with your family, friends and loved ones. At Haven, we make your birthday really special . Advance bookings of 10 pax and above will get a free birthday cake on us! Its our way of saying “ Happy Birthday” to you. And if you are a Haven Treat’s member, you will get an free beverage of your choice too.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A meal with a view - By ESTHER CHANDRAN

WE WERE out of luck that night as the skies were hazy, not the best to feast one’s eyes on the diamante of lights dotting the landscape from our vantage point at the border between Hulu Langat and Ampang.

Nevertheless, from far yonder at Look Out Point, we witnessed dusk creeping in as the sun bowed out, leaving streaks of red, orange and yellow against the clouds with the outline of the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur and vastness of the city lines fading, replaced by the shimmer of lights.

The magnificent view and attraction of dining closer to the skies explains why dining here is popular.

Yummy mee: The Mamak Mee Special is truly a treat for those who cannot get enough of mee mamak!

Deeper into the night, more people headed up to Look Out Point, especially young couples, as the place appeals to romantics.

When we arrived, car jockeys were on hand to make sure we parked at a designated spot although there was ample parking.

When we left past 10pm, the car park was packed to the brim.

It takes a little know-how, especially if one is unfamiliar with the roads, to get to Look Out Point, which sits at the border between the Kajang and Ampang Jaya municipalities.

Although its location is roughly a 20-minute drive from the Petronas Twin Towers, newcomers to these parts might just get lost when venturing here for the first time.

Chicken delicious: If you dig spicy dishes, this meal of Spicy Chicken with Spicy Sauce is a real treat.

It is best to keep straight on Jalan Ampang towards Bukit Belachan, turn right to Jalan Taman Putra and then look out for the left turn to Jalan Hulu Langat.

The drive uphill on Jalan Hulu Langat is worth the while because the breathtaking panorama of Kuala Lumpur will surely calm your nerves.

We were dining at the Haven, an open dining outlet and among the elite few in the Klang Valley that can boast a location 280m above sea level.

Having been in operation since mid-March, the outlet serves up an array of comfort food ranging from local to Western specialities, with off-the-charts dishes like Mee Mamak Special, Tom Yam Fried Rice and Spicy Chicken with Spicy Cream Sauce.

Tasty soup: Tom Yam Gung for those who enjoy spicy Thai soup.

Not a fan of Mee Mamak of any sort, I found the Haven’s version truly enjoyable as the mix of black sauce, oyster sauce and tomato sauce stir-fried with meaty prawns, bean sprouts, egg, chicken and tofu and yellow mee was lipsmacking!

Even the spicy chicken offering was hard to resist as we kept digging into the chilli sauce which was a spicy wake-me-up blend of cili padi, garlic and fresh cream.

Pasta delight: Shrimp Alfredo Spaghetti is a cream-based dish that will definitely fill you.
The Tom Yam Fried Rice with its spicy savoury appeal is a staple for co-owner Yohani Yusof, and after eating several spoonfuls, I understood why she liked it so.

Yohani said although most of the outlet’s patrons were locals, there were also foreign diners, especially Middle Easterners, so sheesha is available should you enjoy puffing away after dinner.
“We have local and Western food, something for every one,” she said.

Indeed, they do! There are simple snacks like fries and Spicy Buffalo Wings, chicken nuggets, tempura items and even salads, to more serious stuff like Penang Char Kuey Teow, Kung Fu Chow, Mamak Mee Special, Mango Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak Rendang, Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine, Grilled Herb Lamb Chop, Haven Egg Sandwiches, Fish and Chips and Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce, just to name a few.

“We took over the outlet in January this year and cleared up part of the jungle by the side, which was thick with undergrowth and shrubs, to reveal the majestic beauty of the age-old trees,” she said, pointing to the open area to the left of where we sat.

To maintain the rustic element, wood is the preferred choice, with wooden floors painted a striking green, dark green and white to add to the overall colour concept of the restaurant.
“I always think that Look Out Point has a magical element to it because of the many things that have happened to us along the way since we began operations here. In setting up the place, we’ve met so many people who have helped us in making all of this possible,” Yohani said.
Because of its unique location, the Haven is the preferred venue for birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebratory events.

“You’d be surprised how many people come here to propose to their girlfriends. It would be wonderful to be able to hold a wedding up here,” said pint-sized Yohani, showing off the romantic in her.

Yohani’s highlight each week is to place long-lasting fresh flowers on each table as she never tires of commuting from Subang, where she lives, to Ampang to relish in the ambience.
“I want people to experience the air, the sunset and the beauty of this place while dining here,” she said.

HAVEN, Lot 1A & 1B, (Look Out Point), Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau, Jalan Ampang-Hulu Langat, Bukit Langat, Hulu Langat, Selangor (Tel: 019-773 8965 - Thelis). Business hours: 11am to 2am daily.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.